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Laser marking

Laser marker Scriba II D40

LASER-TECH has a workplace equipped with the laser marker system Scriba II D4O from the British firm Electrox. It is mainly used for orders for industrial description and marking.

Unlike other conventional markers with Nd: YAG laser, Scriba II D40 uses diodes for arousing an active environment for the generation of a laser beam, producing a smaller beam trace with increased stability and consequently clearer marks with higher distinction.

Laser marking replaces a number of alternative procedures. None of them, however, have the advantages of laser marking.

Technical parameters of laser marking

with the Scriba II D40 with diode-produced Nd:YAG laser marking system
Relative performance 40 W
Focusing lens Focal distance Max square
marking field
Max. circular
marking field
163 mm 100 × 100 mm 140 mm diameter
410 mm 250 × 250 mm 350 mm diameter
Marked materials Steels
Non-ferrous metals and their alloys
Ceramics, etc.
Laser marking
Laser marking
Laser marking

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